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3 Nov 2014


“Yes!” “It’s now time to get on stage and rock the house down!”I mean the church”.”Hello and welcome to papakowhai school’s 2014 production we’re so glad to see you today…. said Mr Smith.This is what I’m saying in my head→(blah blah blah hurry up please)Now let the show begin.

First comes the introduction first a video.The production is called “Once upon a time”as we stand up to sing the story of my life my life it might be a song that girls sing but it’s a bit awesome.As the lights go dim everyone is hushed as the Narrator speaks.”welcome to papakowhai school’s 2014 production before we start I would like to introduce the lit quiz team for papakowhai”.

”This is Johnny the leader of the lit quiz team he’s sporty competitive handsome and all round a nice guy”.”Although he can be a bit annoying which distracts the other team members”.”This is Britt she is smart and also super cool if you have a problem you’ll guaranteed she will solve it”.”This is Patricia the posh girl she quit smart and hates all comments YUCK.”Then all of a sudden evil music comes out of nowhere”.’And now stand by for our villains”.”Mr Villainsworth the headmaster of the Evil Academy and his faithful henchman Mr croc.

26 Jun 2014

Narrative Writing

Bees Forest Adventure

Where’s Steve going with that sword? Bee wondered as he made lunch for Fred. Fred was waiting impatiently “I’m hungry dude.” Bee is a technology of person not a chef. He doesn’t like to do stuff that aren’t fun.Which is boyish stuff.

The water went crash, boom, bang. As the gang tumble all over the river then all of a sudden smack the water hit a branch and snapped it. “Whoosh” went the water as it went down to the ground “splat!” Then the water was flat as a pancake, as calm as a kitten. Birds were singing happy songs, then “Bang”! Oh no here we go again, with the bing and bang and crash and the splash.

Steve is a doctor type of person, he loves to build. He is also a cool looking guy with shades that are as black as night. So if you see him he says, “what's up!!” Fred is a tall black figure with purple glowing eyes with these eyes he could see in the dark or in other words he has night vision. Fredrick is not a human. Bee is a golden robot that can turn into a car. Bee is a rough and tough guy.

Whoa!! Ooof! Ooof!”Is everyone alright”. I’m safe. ”Of course you are you teleport genesis”.”I think I’m ok!” said Steve as he slowly stood up. Where are we, we’re in a gigantic cage who’s that.Who’s who? Oh my gosh man that’s hit the target. ”You’ll never escape”. Clone 3 and Clone 1. Yes sir make sure they don’t escape. yes sir. Now how are we supposed to get out.I don’t know.How long are we going to be here? Donno. We came here to have an adventure not to be held hostage.

Bee maybe we could contact someone.Like who? doom it’s a portal. Vrooooom! It’s Arcee take this boom thanks mate bang. Why didn’t you do that earlier? Don’t know. Shing you with the purple eyes are you con or bot .Neither.Oh so is he with you?Yep! So lets get out of here first of the machine is outside and there’s no connection here.Oh come on lets go OK. Look the exist should be this way.Wait why would hit the target put a sign right there?It could be a trap.Then arm at hand.Remember proceed with extreme caution everyone.Even you Frederick OK.Step by step they went out.How great it is to be outside again.

29 May 2014

Coke Experiment

Coke Experiment

What will happen if you freeze liquid?

I think it will be frozen solid.

liquid,a bowl or cup,ice and a spoon. g

Purpose:To make a slush  

1.First shake the coke bottle for 10 seconds.
2.Put the coke bottle in the fridge for 2 and a ½ hours
3.after that take the coke out and pour it in a freezing bowl.

I think it didn't work because it wasn't cold enough.
If you want to know how I know this click this⇒                                                            
4. then watch what happens…you now have a slushy


It was still a soda

28 May 2014

Yeast Expriment


Would sugar or temperature change yest?
To see what happens.
I think cold water with sugar Will Work.
6 bowls, cold water, hot water, warm water, sugar and yeast. Sequence Word:
2 could
3 add
1 yeast.
2 put sugar in the bowls.                                                        
3 add water and stir.                                                                   
1 yeast in all of the bowls.
Put sugar in two of the three bowls.
3 add water and stir it Will.
At the end the warm water with sugar WAS raising up.If you want to see a video on this it is next to the picture.
yeast experiment youtube